Note: These workshops are open to both 10iss participants and the public. Participants are responsible for coordinating their own visits and workshops with the following handmade paper studios, located in San Agustín, outside of Oaxaca City.

Taller Arte Papel Vista Hermosa (TAPVH) at Centro de las Artes de San Agustín (CASA)

This artisanal handmade paper and paper jewelry studio was founded by Mexican artist Francisco Toledo in 1998 as a cooperative working with local community and utilising bark, plants, flowers, cotton, hemp, silk, linen and pieces of shiny mica – renewable resources and local materials free of chemicals. The workshop is working to become a self-sustaining business, where the surplus money is invested in reforestation , nurseries and educational and cultural programs for the community. Francisco Toledo and Christina Kim of dosa inc work there as well as Kiff Slemmons whose collection of sculptural paper jewelry can be purchased.

El Taller Arte Papel Vista Hermosa fundado en 1998 por el artista Fransisco Toledo, se encuentra en CASA en San Agustin Etla. Empezo como un colectivo que buscaba trabajar con la comunidad y materiales locales para hacer papel artesanal y joyería de papel. En el proceso se utilizan materiales naturales como, plantas, flores, algodon, cáñamo, corteza, seda, mica, lino entre otros materiales locales y libres de quimicos. Los participantes de los talleres previos al simposio tendrán la oportunidad de hacer papel artesanal a una tarifa especial. El taller busca convertirse en un negocio autosustentable donde el dinero recaudado se utilize para la continuacion de esfuerzos de reforestación, viveros y programas educacionales y culturales para la comunidad. Varios artistas trabajan en el taller como Fransisco Toledo, Christina Kim de Dosa Inc y Kiff Slemmons cuyo trabajo escultural de papel estara a la venta

By appointment only: You may work in the Taller Arte Papel Vista Hermosa (TAPVH) for $100 MXN to create 5 sheets of 40 x 50 cm paper. If you choose to purchase more paper from TAPVH you may do so for $25 MXN per sheet. Transportation is on your own. Please see the contact details and hours below to schedule a time to work. 

Contact: Aquilina Maribel Chávez
+51 (951) 521 2394

Monday-Friday 8.00am – 5.00pm
Saturday 10.00am-3.00pm
Sunday 12.00am-2.00pm

Capacity: 30 people

El Artesano Taller de Papel (EATP)

EATP is a paper-making studio located 10-15 minutes walking distance from Centro de las Artes in San Agustín. The studio, managed by Eric Ramírez Castellanos, offers guided tours and all-day workshops. Those who are interested in working at EATP should contact by email or by phone (listed below) to make a reservation for a visit or workshop.

List of workshops

1. Guided Visit to the workshop in English and Spanish
Cost: $150 MXN per person.
Time: Guided visit takes about 50-90 minutes depending on how big is the group.
Details: Take a guided tour of the studio and have a closer work at the various processes of paper making. Afterwards, create your own paper (40x50cm) and embellish it with local, and natural materials.
Capacity: 10-20 people

2. Artisanal Paper and Binding
Cost: $3000* MXN per person
Time: 9.00-12.00am; 2.30-5.00pm (All Day Workshop)
Provided: Coffee, water, fruit and various foods (quesadillas and mamelas).
Capacity: 10-20 people
*Includes all materials

Details: Learn the traditional techniques of Oaxacan artisanal paper and practice estencilografia (stenography) with different methods of decoration. The papers created are used to prepare a bound, final work.

Contact: Eric Ramírez Castellanos []
Studio Phone: + 52 951 521 2764
+52 951 244 2310

Hours: 9am to 5pm 


Do you take a taxi to get up to the workshop? Yes or you can walk from CASA, it is around 10-15min walk in San Agustin Etla.

Are there places to eat lunch near EATP? Yes, there are several dining places, such as Casa Maria, Aleli and some other small places.